If you've always been ahead of the curve, upgrade everything from your home's interior design to the way you water your plants with a big dose of technology. This list of fascinating gizmos will leave your birthday and Christmas wish list crammed with cutting-edge tech toys!

1. Virtual Reality Headset

Fun fact: The virtual reality headset that's being called the toy of the future is technically a toy of the past. Announced in 1994, it's taken decades for the gadget to make its way into the average consumer's home. You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to benefit from the awesomeness of VR headsets, they're now being used to train medical students for surgery too. Enjoy your favorite movie, chill out over a YouTube video, or smash monsters with the power of virtual reality.

2. Google Home

"Okay Google." These two simple words are your key to getting everything from your lights automatically switched on to your blender to start whirring you a smoothie. Google Home is the future of domestic assistance, and is a gadget straight out of The Jetsons. Using a savvy audio command system, Google Home will follow your basic instructions and fling you into a life of luxury. You won't have to bother pressing the play button on iTunes ever again. Google Home will do it for you. Living room lamp too bright for your eyes? Google Home will dim it down, and play some jazz to complement the mood lighting. The sleek design of Google Home devices make them both fashionable and functional, the perfect addition to the modern human's home.

3. Self-aware Cozmo Robot

Yes, you read that right. You can now invite Artificial Intelligence into your home and enjoy a cup of coffee with it. You don't need a million dollars or the mind of an engineer to enjoy Cozmo's company. All you need are 180 dollars and a smartphone. The robot comes assembled, and is powered by Anki. Cozmo makes a perfect companion, and doesn't only play nicely with humans but with animals too. The robot is designed to recognize the presence of cats and dogs, and reacts accordingly. It comes decked with facial recognition features and a screen that displays its feelings. Basically a mini Mars rover, Cozmo is a brilliant breakthrough in robotics

4. 3D Doodling Pen

Branded as the world's first 3D pen, this gadget can turn your concepts into physical creations. Suitable for everyone from children learning to write to students in architecture school, this device puts the traditional pen + paper combo to shame. 3Doodler features different versions, depending on the user's age and experience. Educators can bring a lesson to life in their classroom by getting their students to work with 3Doodlers. Borrowing from the concept of 3D Printers, 3Doodlers are cheaper and most exciting to work with. They also make excellent presents!

5. Microsoft Holo Lens

Transforming your world into a whiteboard, Microsoft Holo Lens is the world's first self-contained, holographic computer. It allows you to interact with your environment through a collection of holographic projections. Taking augmented reality to the next level, this gadget immerses you into a mixed reality by weaving together elements from actual and virtual reality. Not only is it awesome for when you're bored on the couch, but also for client presentations. The Holo Lens comes equipped with games and design programs...even Skype is on board!

6. Parrot Flower Power

You don't have to be born with a green thumb, anymore. There's an app for that! From the guys that brought you the Parrot Drone, say hello to Parrot Flower Power. The sensor studies your plant's condition and sends regular updates to your smartphone. The sensor can estimate how much sunlight, water, moisture, fertilizer, and temperature your plant requires. Its minimalist design doesn't attract your pet's attention and doesn't impose on your garden's appearance either. Crafted for the modern urban gardener, it's the perfect way to keep your plants thriving while also juggling your hectic schedule. It's water-resistant and powered by simple AAA batteries.

7. Muse Brain-Sensing Headband

If you think yoga and meditation is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, give the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband a whirl. This is the world's first tool that will give you accurate information on what's going on inside your brain while you meditate. The gadget comes with soundtracks of serene ocean waves, chirping birds in a rainforest, and whispering wind in the desert. It plunges you into a state of calm – not by magic, but with regular practice and milestones. After your session, the gadget will feed real-time data to your smartphone so you can assess your results. Ideal for the modern city dweller, zen out on your commute to work or in line at the bank with the Muse Brain-Sensing Headband. You can even create multiple accounts and share it with your family.