From scoring infinite welcome deals to convincing the e-store to give you a discount without even lifting a finger, this list will lay down some handy hacks for online shopping sprees.

1. Keep your eyes on the price

Prices tend to yo-yo, so don't give up if the current price tips over your budget. Bookmark the page and check in every few days until you notice a discount. There have been instances when customers were refunded the difference for buying an item at full price only for it to be sliced in half the very next day. Being patient might end up saving you a few bucks!

2. Fill your cart up and then press pause

One of the most popular ways to score a discount while shopping online is to abandon your cart. Fill it up with everything on your wish list, enter your shipping details, and then vanish the minute the payment page pops up. Play hard to get until you see an email from the e-store in your inbox. It'll be them following up on your purchase, and throwing in a small discount or free shipping voucher to make the sale. Boom – that's your cue to head back and complete the payment.

3. Spend this season shopping for next season

While all your friends are buying this season's hottest bikini and raving about the sunglasses they bought online at full price, save a fortune shopping for boots and sweaters instead. E-stores will be desperate to offload their winter leftovers and st0ck their shelves with their summer collection. You can score massive discounts by buying off-season items. Once winter comes knocking at your door, slip on your discounted beanie and start shopping for next summer's swimsuit!

4. Spend more on yourself and less on shipping

Shipping prices take the fun out of online shopping. While eight dollar tacos may seem like a bargain to you, eight dollars on shipping seems like a scam. This is where you need to make a smart compromise. Spend a little more to hit that sweet “free shipping for purchases above xxx” spot. This way, instead of paying the costs for their petrol, you're spending on yourself!

5. Create multiple email addresses and score discounts

Sure, it may seem unethical to trick the system. But it's also an ingenious way to save a pocketful of pennies. Usually, signing up with an e-store will bring in anything from a 10% to 20% discount. Keep the ball rolling by creating multiple accounts with the website, and redeeming your welcome discount. Just make sure the system doesn't recognize a pattern and catch you red-handed.

6. Compare prices before hitting the purchase button

Patience is the name of the game. Before hitting the checkout button, spend a few moments browsing cheaper prices for the same product. Sure, you're a loyal customer to your e-store. Sure, they treat you right by showering you in seasonal discounts. But you could be saving much more by just pressing pause and browsing other options. That's where Discounts Limited comes in. Right from baby products and vintage books to pet supplies and pottery equipment, we compare competitive prices from major and minor retailers to ensure you end up making the best spend!